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•Do you deliver every image?

My home office is located in West Chesterfield, NH. However, I have shot weddings in a variety of different locations well outside of my home state. If you like my style, give me a shout! I'd love to chat, no matter your location. Of course you can always give me a direct call too! I'm an open book. 603-703-2626

No, I do not. I eliminate duplicate images, test shots, missed focus shots, shots with bad expressions, and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery and quality. My goal is to tell the story of your day fully, beautifully, and completely. In doing so, I emphasize quality over quanity. 

•Where are you located?




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If you are still interested in wedding photography with me, reach out.   I'm always here to help! 

Just use the link below to email me!  Or visit my main site via the menu above. 


The wedding experience is all inclusive, so there will be no additional travel fees. Typical travel fees that are included are 1 night lodging, gas etc.  The only exceptions to this would be expenses like city parking, location permit fees, or extensive travel fee's (Think airfare or more than one night lodging.) . I'm not one that likes to "nickel and dime"... so any additional travel fee's will be first discussed and kept to a minimum.  

•What do you charge for travel?

Engagement sessions are a service I provide complementary to my wedding couples. They give us an opportunity to spend time together, to get to know each other. Because it's complimentary- it's not something I provide a discount for if you choose not to take advantage of it. I highly encourage having an engagement session- not only are they so much fun- we are able to create some epic images that you will LOVE! (not to mention we start out with snacks and drinks first!- my treat! )

•What if we don't need an engagement session?




Weddings are  are wonderfully unscripted events- and it's nearly impossible to predict all the authentic moments that will happen. 

We will definitely talk about people and details that are important to you, especially as we get closer to your wedding. But there is no need to send me a specified shot list, listing things like dress, shoes, rings etc...; Besides, I'm sure you already have plenty to do!  :)  

I will send out a very detailed questionnaire that will help with planning the time-line, and yes... the family formals.   :) 

Ooo Pinterest!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest! It's an excellent platform for getting inspired.  However, I feel that attempting to copy/recreate someone else photos will take away from my own creativity and focus to catch the real moments at your wedding.   

•Are you willing to accept a list of "must have" photos? Can you check out my Pinterest board?




Like any great works, time is of the essence when it comes to creating beautiful images of my couples, time that allows us to shine, and portray them in the best light. So the more the better in this case. Wedding days can be rushed- so I ask for at least 1 hour to complete the group formals and the creative portraits of the couple. Additionally I like to keep the "family formal" list to a reasonable number- so that both you and your guests can have fun visiting and making memories- rather than posing for pictures. However- each day is different and I will be there to help with the time line of your day to make sure that time is built into the day that allows enough time for the shots your are looking for.

•How much time do you need for the creative portraits of us?




There are a lot of variables involved here, but the short answer is probably at least 8. The wedding experience comes with 10 hours,  however you have the option  build your own" collection. (with 5 hours minimum) and that’s tempting to a lot of people, BUT 5 hours of coverage is really best for people who are having very small (think elopements) weddings with very few guests (less than 40) and very short receptions, or no reception at all. 

If you want photos of things like getting ready, details, and reception coverage of at least the toasts and cake cutting, then you need to plan for at least 8 hours of coverage. If you’d like to have the least amount of stress, or if you’ll be changing locations during the day ( such as from hotel to church to reception venue), then you’re going to probably need to bump up to 10 hours. I like to keep things simple and stress free.  For this reason The wedding experience comes with 10 hours.  

It’s not that making photos takes a long time, it’s getting ready to make a photo that takes up all our time together. Walking from one area in the garden to another takes time. Arranging the dress takes time. All those little things add up quickly and before you know it, portrait time is over.

•How many hours of coverage do we really need?




Why yes you can!   If you find that what I included with my Wedding Experience Collection, doesn't fit your needs, you are welcome to build your own experience using the a la carte options.  

It's important to know though- that you are going to get the very best value if you choose the pre-designed Wedding Experience Collection.    

I designed the  Wedding Experience based off of my professional experience coupled with the desires and feed back from previous couples.  I designed it to include more than enough time for a stress free day and printed items to ensure longevity of your precious memories.  

You can read more about my thought process for adding prints and all the time in two blog posts below. 

•Can I change what is included with "The Experience"?



# 1 way to ensure a stress free wedding day

The power of printing


Oh my goodness yes!   Wedding planners offer so much value!!  I've heard on many occasions that couples don't have it in the budget to hire the services of a wedding planner.  But did you know that 9 times out of 10- hiring an experienced wedding planner will actually help keep you under budget! (Yep... and thats even after paying their fee!) 

Wedding planners have so many resources, vendor relationships and items that you can use that will make planning your day so much less stressful and more enjoyable.   Personally- every time I've worked with an experienced wedding planner the couple have NEVER regretted their decision to do so.  

A good place to start is to check out Jennifer Matthews with Memorable Events.  You can learn more about her:  

•Do you recommend hiring a wedding planner?





I like to be there as your day unfolds. I prefer authentic moments- over the ones staged to perfection. Therefore I shoot primarily in a photojournalistic, candid style, capturing the flow of events and details of your wedding day. A more editorial approach is combined for the group and bridal party shots. Most couples want a mix of both styles. I will guide and suggest creative ideas as we plan your wedding photography and will never be obtrusive. For example- I prefer to photograph your guests laughing at the reception as opposed to forced "table shots."

Yes Yes and Yes! I love to travel! I have a current passport and I'm ready when you are! HAHA   

•What is your approach?

•Destination weddings?


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