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I believe

living in the now

IT'S MORE THAN A photo session, it's a rite of passage.  It's your time to shine. 

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.   All we have is this moment. Today.  Right now.  Take nothing for granted.  Where will you be 10, 20 or 30 years from now?  What will your life look like? It's both fun and scary to think about.   

I can promise you one thing-  and that's you will look back at the images we make together and remember every moment.  Re- live it.  Admire who you were back then and love the new person you grew into. 


Why? »

Whole new Re-designed program! 

Coming for 2019 Seniors 

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is an investment worth making. 

Here at K. Lenox- I believe in quality. There are many photographers out there, but what makes me different? I truly believe that offering a quality product is essential to standing out. I offer images that aren't over edited, because I work hard at getting them right in camera. (including the special effects!) I place emphasis on education, and I commission only high end labs ensuring your memories are made to last. I promise you will see the difference, not only in your finished products, but in the entire experience. 

After your senior year is over, you will leave high school with a diploma, memories and photos! that's it! My job is to make sure you walk away with images that you will cherish, and prints that will allow you to re-live your hay day...,and heirloom pieces that can be passed on.    

Custom photography is an investment that only increases in value as time goes by. 

Hesitations »


Let me help explain a few things. 

I assure you that my prices are comparable to those other legally registered businesses, who are educated and insured. When you work with me you can rest assured that you have hired a true professional, who has spent countless hours perfecting her craft. 

Additionally- I offer all inclusive options. I refuse to "lure" you in with a low session fee, and then trap you with no options than to spend even more on a few products of your precious memories. Instead... I show you the total "out the door" prices. This way you know exactly what your getting and for how much. (And yes... even though it's a higher number on the front end... it's actually way less than what you would spend elsewhere) 


Class of 2018 »

What if your too expensive?

I don't want to be pressured into buying things I don't need. 


Absolutely no worries!!  I'm a no pressure kinda gal!   My all inclusive collections make it so you know exactly what your investment is!!   Of course you will have the opportunity to purchase more, but I never pressure anyone into doing so! 


Be a part of an exclusive group of Amazing Girls

we will be in contact soon. xo.

I will be away doing photography related volunteer work in Haiti from 

Please forgive my delay in returning all inquiries during this time.    

Offering a great experience is one of my top priorities- so I wanted to give all potential couples an explanation for the increased response time. Thank you so much for understanding!  

November 3rd- November 12th 2017